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Armstrong Air Conditioners: Highly-Efficient AC Units


Since 1928, Armstrong Air Conditioners has been one of the top choices for most homeowners when it comes to their cooling needs. They are known for having durable, highly-efficient, and brilliant technology air conditioning units at affordable prices. So, choosing Armstrong Air Conditioners for your home will never get you to worry about your coolness and comfort, even in the hottest summer months!


However, if yours is malfunctioning and not giving you the right comfort you need, then Sunset Air Conditioning & Heating is the right one to call! We are one of the leaders in the HVAC service industry in the country that specializes in repairing most major and well-known brands, such as your Armstrong Air Conditioners. Whether it is not cooling, making any odd noises, leaks, or other problems or issues, our professionals at Sunset Air Conditioning & Heating are able to fix it in no time! We also offer installation for new equipment and maintenance services for your existing unit. Regardless of the model of your Armstrong Air Conditioners, no matter how big or small the job is, we can handle it all!


If you need quality Armstrong HVAC repairs, installations, or maintenance services for your Armstrong Air Conditioners, we are the perfect professionals for the job! Give us a call today!


Our goal is to take care of all of our customers because they’ve done everything they need to for help, and that was to call us. Let us fix your heating and cooling problems so you can sit back and enjoy the sunset.

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