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Air Conditioning Maintenance

The lifespan of an air conditioning unit is usually 15 to 20 years but it sometimes happens that they start being less effective before that time. This is because of several elements that affect the air conditioning unit negatively such as an accumulation of dust in the air filter or ice on the evaporator coil. To prevent these failures, it is important to do regular maintenance and  Sunset Air Conditioning & Heating has for you the most affordable and effective air conditioning maintenance service. 

Well-Trained Technicians. 

HVAC services are very complex services that must be handled by proficient technicians. That is why we chose the most learned experts to provide you with air conditioning maintenance. They work methodically and professionally to provide you with quality service promptly. 

To increase our productivity, we have our technicians well-equipped. We provide them with all necessary air conditioning maintenance equipment and spare parts to make sure they do their work with efficacy. They also have company cars that help them to reach you wherever you live.

We are expecting your call.

The biggest advantage of using our air conditioning services is the cost of it. We have the cheapest price of air conditioning maintenance in the state and we have all our technicians insured. If the work done does not satisfy you, we will send a technician to fix it at our own expense. So call us now to get a premium and affordable air conditioning maintenance service.

Our goal is to take care of all of our customers because they’ve done everything they need to for help, and that was to call us. Let us fix your heating and cooling problems so you can sit back and enjoy the sunset.

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